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All estimates are generated by specific zip codes for geographic accuracy, and all within 24 hours.

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Pricing through HomeBinder is the most cost-effective way of using Repair Pricer on the market.

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About HomeBinder

It started with a simple idea.

Founded in 2012, HomeBinder was born out of one simple need: to make finding and storing and retrieving a home's information easier. Buying, maintaining and selling homes isn't an easy process for anyone involved. Keeping track of all of the paperwork long-term can be even harder. HomeBinder is an online platform that stores all of a home's data so that it can be easily gathered, found, referenced and shared. In 2023, HomeBinder added HomeBinder Assistant, a white glove service to enhance value for home buyers during their move-in process. Through HomeBinder Assistant, inspection companies, lenders, and real estate agents can now give home buyers a free service to setup utilities and other home services to help them get settled in their new home.


HomeBinder and HomeBinder Assistant are only available through our authorized partner network. To find out more about becoming a partner, click here. HomeBinder and HomeBinder Assistant are divisions of iGo. To learn more about our story, click here