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Enhance your brand as digital-first with HomeBinder by ensuring that your clients are getting a centralized home management system from the inspectors, loan officers, insurance agents, and home service providers you work with every day.

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The Second Sneak-Peek of Startup Framework

We’ve created the product that will help your startup to look even better.


Preferred Search

Keep your brand up to date on HomeBinder to ensure your name and contact info stays in front of your previous clients and potential new clients. If you get a new business logo, you can seamlessly update the branding across all your binders.




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Generate more 5 star reviews and referrals



Co-brand alongside mortgage lenders, insurance providers, home inspectors, and home service professionals in your network

Real Estate Agents Love HomeBinder

"My clients love this platform, so glad that my branding is on all of the emails to stay top of their mind."

- Theresa, CO

"I read that only like 10% of clients remember agents names after 2 years, this helps!"

- Susan, MA

"I love that my inspector offers this, my clients even tell me how much they enjoy it. New fav inspector."

- Samantha, TX, Agent

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Support Today’s Generation of Homeowners

Provide peace of mind for a successful homeowner journey

Provide Important Home Task Reminders

Offer local home pros, automated maintenance reminders, appliance recall alerts, and more

Proactive Home Management
All home related documents and businesses that serve the home are all centralized in a digital home management platform
Home Improvement@2x
Tools For Success
Provide the tools to support your client's homeownership journey. Our proprietary home valuation tool helps homeowners prioritize projects and tasks related to increasing their home's value.

Homeowners Love HomeBinder

"My refinancing went great, and now I have all my closing docs in my HomeBinder."

- Javier, Florida

"Before HomeBinder I was always lost receipts, forgot what colors I used, and misplaced business cards. Now I don't."

- Amanda, Texas

"The email maintenance reminders have been a lifesaver for this busy homeowner."

- Steph, California

"I knew something like HomeBinder must have existed and I am so happy that my lender gave it to me as part of our closing."

- Rick, New Hampshire

"This is much better than the refrigerator magnet someone gave me. I’ll only work with someone who uses HomeBinder from now on."

- Mary, South Dakota

"My home inspector gave me HomeBinder and now I have a great list of plumbers and electricians, all from his trusted network."

- John, Ontario

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HomeBinder Seller Reports™

Typical listings don't really showcase a house. Go beyond the MLS with HomeBinder Seller Reports™.


Your Listings

Highlight the unique home
info that buyers love to see.


Appraisal Values

Help contextualize the value of
improvements and regular
maintenance for the appraiser.


With No
Additional Work

Enter the sellers contact info and
an online wizard will guide them
through a detailed home summary.

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Learn how to get higher market values!

HomeBinder Seller Reports™ helped a REALTOR® attain higher market values for 100% of her listings. Read our FREE case study.

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We are an integration first company.

Our integration with DotLoop can automate the process of making sure your clients get HomeBinder updated with closing documents.

By integrating with the premier software providers across the real estate ecosystem, HomeBinder becomes a plug-and-play solution.

Here are some of our real estate integrations, or see our complete list of integrations

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About HomeBinder

It started with a simple idea.

Founded in 2012, HomeBinder was born out of one simple need: to make finding and storing and retrieving a home's information easier. Buying, maintaining and selling homes isn't an easy process for anyone involved. Keeping track of all of the paperwork long-term can be even harder. HomeBinder is an online platform that stores all of a home's data so that it can be easily gathered, found, referenced and shared. In 2023, HomeBinder added HomeBinder Assistant, a white glove service to enhance value for home buyers during their move-in process. Through HomeBinder Assistant, inspection companies, lenders, and real estate agents can now give home buyers a free service to setup utilities and other home services to help them get settled in their new home.


HomeBinder and HomeBinder Assistant are only available through our authorized partner network. To find out more about becoming a partner, click here. HomeBinder and HomeBinder Assistant are divisions of iGo. To learn more about our story, click here

We stand committed to your data privacy.

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No 3rd-Party Solicitations

Unless a homeowner has explicitly requested it, we never share info with any service providers.

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Verified By Our Authorized Network

Authorized professionals supply the correct information to our centralized home management platform.

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We Never Sell Your Data

HomeBinder has a strict policy of not selling data, to anyone, ever.