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Our goal is to make homeownership effortless.

"Every home has a journey."

Jack Huntress, our Founder and CEO, explains it best.



Our Founding Story:


In 2008, shortly after selling my previous startup, my fiance and I went looking for homes outside of Boston.  At this one particular open house, on the kitchen table, the sellers left an 8” stack of papers offering information about the history of the home...manuals, home pros hired, warranty information...even down to paint colors by room.  We ended up, were even compelled, to buy that home, and we still live in it today.

Why is it that we know so little about the makeup and history of homes when we buy them?  Why is it that there was not an online platform/app to manage everything about the home?  Why is it that my car software tells me so much about what I need to do but my home (10x the cost) does not?

We started HomeBinder 2015 with the goal of building a platform for the home that could fill the gaps in the questions above.  Our mission is to centralize, organize, manage, and sell the largest asset in most of our lives.  We accomplish this by working with home inspectors, real estate agents, builders, service providers, lenders, property managers, insurance agencies, and even HOAs who see value in having a deeper relationship with their clients/customers/buyers/owners.

I often say we aren’t so much owners as we are stewards of homes.  I’m not the first, and I won't be the last of my home.   But I am a more capable owner because I have HomeBinder and the next owner of my home will be even better off than I was when I bought back in 2008.

We hope you will find value in what we’ve built, whether you are a homeowner, or a business that serves homeowners (or both!).  After all, HomeBinder is for everyone in the residential home ecosystem.



Jack Huntress, Founder and CEO


Team HomeBinder 

Meet the amazing people behind HomeBinder

Alec Ahee

Sales, VP

Gerlin Guillaume

Head of Engineering

Jack Huntress

Founder, CEO

Jillian Shiflett

Customer Success, VP

Kacie McCraw

Customer Success

Matthew Young

Product Development

About HomeBinder

It started with a simple idea.

Founded in 2012, HomeBinder was born out of one simple need: to make finding and storing and retrieving a home's information easier. Buying, maintaining and selling homes isn't an easy process for anyone involved. Keeping track of all of the paperwork long-term can be even harder. HomeBinder is an online platform that stores all of a home's data so that it can be easily gathered, found, referenced and shared. In 2023, HomeBinder added HomeBinder Assistant, a white glove service to enhance value for home buyers during their move-in process. Through HomeBinder Assistant, inspection companies, lenders, and real estate agents can now give home buyers a free service to setup utilities and other home services to help them get settled in their new home.


HomeBinder and HomeBinder Assistant are only available through our authorized partner network. To find out more about becoming a partner, click here. HomeBinder and HomeBinder Assistant are divisions of iGo. To learn more about our story, click here

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