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Value of HomeBinder to Real Estate Agents

See how agents value HomeBinder by being a valued referral partner of your business.

HomeBinder for Homeowners

The residential home management platform that centralizes everything you need for your home, on any device.

The HomeBinder ROI


Inspection firms offer HomeBinder in one of two ways in addition to the always added value to clients.

Market to Agents - Offer HomeBinder to all your buyer clients and market to agents you work with that you are not only adding value but are helping them stay in touch by branding them on HomeBinder. This is how HomeBinder has been successfully been marketed for years.

Selling HomeBinder as Ancillary Service - Because HomeBinder is no longer offered to buyers/owners and they MUST go through a company to get it, we have more inspectors adding it as a paid ancillary service.
As you roughly pay $3 per inspection this can be up to a 10-20X ROI
___ Sewer Scope $75
___ Radon $100
___ Well Test $125
____ HomeBinder (Home Management Software) $50