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HomeBinder improves home value through a centralized management platform provided exclusively by authorized professionals.

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Trusted by over 450,000 homeowners.

In partnership with over 9,000 authorized professionals.*

HomeBinder Authorized Partner Program


*HomeBinder is now only available to homeowners through authorized professionals and certified HomeBinder Authorized Partners. 

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For your homeowners, we make centralized management effortless.

Deliver Peace of Mind

Whether it's ongoing maintenance, appliance recalls, or a fire/theft, HomeBinder's here to reduce common homeowner headaches.

Property Specific Support

We combine property-specific info, localized expertise, and our suite of tools to help homeowners improve the value of their largest asset.

Prevent Repairs + Save Money

We help homeowners take the necessary steps to prevent emergency repairs so they can spend $10 today to save $1000's later.

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Centralization starts with integration.

By integrating with the premier software providers across the real estate ecosystem, HomeBinder becomes a plug-and-play solution. Whether you build, inspect, manage, buy, sell, finance, or insure the home, HomeBinder is ready to integrate. See our complete list of integrations

Salesforce Integration on HomeBinder
Encompass by EllieMae Integration
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Homeowners Love HomeBinder

"My refinancing went great, and now I have all my closing docs in my HomeBinder."

- Javier, Florida

"Before HomeBinder I was always lost receipts, forgot what colors I used, and misplaced business cards. Now I don't."

- Amanda, Texas

"The email maintenance reminders have been a lifesaver for this busy homeowner."

- Steph, California

"I knew something like HomeBinder must have existed and I am so happy that my lender gave it to me as part of our closing."

- Rick, New Hampshire

"This is much better than the refrigerator magnet someone gave me. I’ll only work with someone who uses HomeBinder from now on."

- Mary, South Dakota

"My home inspector gave me HomeBinder and now I have a great list of plumbers and electricians, all from his trusted network."

- John, Ontario

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Why homeowners love HomeBinder?

The best way to track their most important investment.

Maintenance Reminders@2x
Maintenance Reminders

They'll never forget about basic upkeep again with regular notifications, via text or email.

Home Improvement@2x
Home Improvements

They can set up projects directly from the inspection report, or at any time for ease of tracking.

Document Storage@2x

They'll keep the home’s paper trail all in one place, digitally stored for direct access.

Appliance Recalls

Homeowners can store make and model numbers to get notified if there’s ever a recall.

Service Pros@2x
Service Providers

They'll have access to your recommended home pros to complete repairs.

Home Inventory@2x
Home Inventory

Homeowners can help safeguard household items by keeping a detailed inventory.

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About HomeBinder

HomeBinder is a residential home management platform that reduces complexity in partnership with the businesses who serve them, improving client relationships and increasing referrals, bringing effortless homeownership to all. Unlike traditional leave-behinds like business cards and refrigerator magnets, HomeBinder maintains an ongoing digital connection with the home through a platform provided exclusively by the businesses serving residential homeowners. Founded in 2015, HomeBinder is a TechStars Boston 2019 company headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts with team members located in many cities and towns around North America. Learn more about HomeBinder >

We stand committed to your data privacy.

No Third-Party Solicitations Icon
No 3rd-Party Solicitations

Unless a homeowner has explicitly requested it, we never share info with any service providers.

Trusted Network@2x
Verified By Our Authorized Network

Authorized professionals supply the correct information to our centralized home management platform.

No Data Selling Ever Icon
We Never Sell Your Data

HomeBinder has a strict policy of not selling data, to anyone, ever.