Getting Started for Loan Officers

1. Confirm Your Profile

A short set of instructions to verify your branded account


Log into your profile for the first time and create a password. If the link in your invitation email does not work, please contact for assistance.


To make sure your branding is accurate (your photo, company contact info and company logo), navigate to the Settings > Profile tab.


Click on the Edit button in the upper right of the page. Then click on the Upload a headshot and/or Upload a logo button(s) toward the bottom of the page to update or create your profile branding.

Once you have created/updated your profile you can navigate to the Binders tab and see all the binders on which you are the Loan Officer. You will not be able to see inside these binders since we protect the homeowner's information, but you can see the details about the binder.

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2. Integrate your Lending Software

If you use Encompass®, your HomeBinder account should automatically sync for you.

If you have not yet integrated with Encompass, or are using another software platform, click here to schedule a time to have it set up for you.



3. Configure Your Review Widget

 Configuring your settings to automatically get reviews to post to your existing public profiles.


Setting up your Public Review Profile Link




1. Go to Settings > Public Review Profiles

2. Click Add Profile Link

3. Select your Chosen Network. If it is not listed, choose Other Network

4. Add your profile URL link

5. Click Add and you're ready to go!



4. Create your Binders

In cases where the Encompass or other integrations are not creating binders, you can follow these steps.


This video explains how to create binders, whether one at a time manually, or in batches using an Excel spreadsheet CSV file.



To create ONE binder, manually:


  1. Navigate to your binders section 

  2. Select "New Binder" in the upper right corner. This binder will contain the templated content set up by your account administrator.

  3. Pick your transaction date.

  4. Choose Buy, Own, or Refinance. Most tend to be buy-side, so that is why it is the default.

  5.  Enter the client info. That will name the binder as "First name Last name Binder" which is a default setup to make it easy to sort your binders by client name.

  6.  Enter the property info and click save. To check your work, click on the binders tab, and you should see the new binder listed on that screen.

  7. Your account administrator has configured your automation settings. You can disregard that portion of the video tutorial. Your binder will be transferred to the client automatically.

To create BATCHES of binders:


  1. Navigate to your binders section

  2. Select "Upload Batch" in the upper right corner. 

  3. Download the CSV template, which is an excel document that will show you how to get your content in order for batch processing. Please note that all the columns that are present must remain and all required fields must be filled. The address and address2 fields are required and if the property address has a unit, floor, or suite number, it must be placed in the address2 column. Typing in all caps is not recommended.

  4. Upload your CSV file.

  5. Your binders will load. This should take just a few minutes. To check your work, click on the binders tab, and you should see all the binders listed on that screen.

  6. Your account administrator has configured your automation settings. You can disregard that portion of the video tutorial. Your binder will be transferred to the client automatically.

NOTE:  If you have an integration with Encompass, you can skip manual creation. 

5. Other Items

Loan Officers participating in Mortgage Coach 

  • How to tie Mortgage Coach into HomeBinder?
  1. Go to your user profile
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on Mortgage Coach. There are two text boxes that need to be populated. One is your Mortgage Coach API Key and the other is your Mortgage Coach Email. 
  4. If you are looking for your API Key it can be found via this link

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Market your Partnership with HomeBinder


1. Marketing HomeBinder on your Website

Official messaging and logos for use on your company site.


Resources you can use on your website, to explain your relationship with HomeBinder and the value it provides for your clients.


Marketing Launch Kit PDF - This PDF has all your resources for educating your homeowners and realtors in one place.

The most current HomeBinder logo in various formats for use online.

Official messaging on HomeBinder that you can copy/paste to explain what HomeBinder is, and why you offer it. There are short, medium and long versions.



2. Marketing HomeBinder on Facebook

Official posts and messages you can use on your Facebook page.


Posting on Facebook, about the value of HomeBinder to Agents and Homeowners, is a great way to also increase your visibility in the Lending space. We have the following resources for use:


Images sized for Facebook as well as messaging and links you can copy/paste.
There are specific posts to target agents, versus homeowners.

Share this HomeBinder for Homeowners explainer video and share educational materials on your social media channels and website about HomeBinder. You can access our folder for social posts here.



3. Marketing HomeBinder to Homeowners

How to explain HomeBinder, and your relationship with it.


Effective marketing is about using multiple touchpoints to reach your key audience. Here are resources for the 3 key points where you can impact the message you send to homeowners.

Post an explanation on your website, and Facebook page. That will also help you market your mortgage services to homeowners and agents. You can find official messaging about HomeBinder here.

Email clients to thank them for their business. You probably already do this, and this is also where you can explain further. Here is a template you can use for that.


Verbally explain about HomeBinder “HomeBinder allows you to organize and save all related home information in one convenient online app. From storing paint colors to getting maintenance reminders, HomeBinder will help in all aspects of home ownership. Homeowners cannot purchase HomeBinder but we include it as a value added service at no cost, for the lifetime of your home ownership, as a part of your loan process.”

Give them (or email them) a flyer explaining HomeBinder. Add the Homeowner video or customize a short personalized video from your office. You can find all the content in the Marketing Kit which includes branded flyers and video links here.


Email the agent to thank them for their business and to explain the value of HomeBinder to them. This might also be the email where you attach the Seller's report video. Your agent may ask more about HomeBinder and we can help with a free webinar for your top agents.

Call or Email the homeowner to thank them for their business and to explain again about their HomeBinder subscription. Let them know that their mortgage documents will be uploaded to their binder.



4. Marketing to Real Estate Agents

 Tips on leveraging HomeBinder to market to agents.

Narrated Real Estate Agent Presentation 

  • Length: 6 minute Video
  • Audience: Real Estate Agents
  • Content: What HomeBinder is, value to agents, value to homeowners, and  actions they can take such as managing their profile and uploading service professionals
  • Use Case:  Send link to any agents you work with explaining the value you are providing both their business and the borrower through HomeBinder
  • NOTE:  We do custom branded webinars/lunch-and-learns for agents in your networks at your request and highly recommend them!


When speaking to agents, there are a few key things to keep in mind:


1. Explain how HomeBinder works. That it is an electronic 3-ring binder to help homeowners with their largest investment. And you will be providing this binder as a complimentary value added service. This service cannot be purchased by homeowners on their own and is provided at no cost to the borrower or the agent.

2. Tell the Realtor® they will be branded as the agent of record on the binder dashboard, on every maintenance reminder email and on the Sellers Report™. This will keep their image and branding in front of their clients over the lifetime of the home.

3. Explain that the Sellers Report™ will have all the maintenance records and any projects done to add value to the home. There is also a public link that can be used in the listing, but even more valuable, it can be given to the Real Estate Appraiser. This report is key in determining “condition” of the home and can impact the appraisal value a great deal. When the home sells for more, the Realtor® earns more!  Here is a case study you can also share with them, about a agent who got 14/14 homes appraised above value, using Seller Report.




Videos that Explain HomeBinder

HomeBinder for Homeowners:


HomeBinder for Realtors® :

HomeBinder Seller Report for Homeowners:


HomeBinder Seller Report for Realtors® :


Sample Seller Report



The Homeowner's Dashboard

What does HomeBinder look like for my clients?

Homeowner Dashboard video

AREAS and STRUCTURES: This is where they can add a living room, free standing garage, kitchen etc. 

MAINTENANCE: Homeowners can see here all of the maintenance tasks you set up for them. They can edit, remove, or add additional tasks. 

PROJECTS: Here is where homeowners can keep track of any projects or renovations. They can even use it to plan or scope out future projects.

HOME PROS: This is where homeowners can save the contact info of the pros that work on their house. This is also where any of your recommended pros, in your template, would populate for them as well.

APPLIANCES: Here is where your clients can put in manufacturer and model #'s for automated appliance recall alerts! They can also store information like where they bought it from, how much it cost, when it was installed, etc. 

PAINTS / FINISHES: This is where homeowners can put in color codes, compositions, manufacturers. They don't have to keep rusty old paint cans any more, that just take up space.

HOME INVENTORY: Where homeowners can inventory everything, for insurance purposes, in case of fire, theft, extreme weather, etc.  

RECEIPTS: One central place where a homeowner can track all their home related receipts for capital expense reporting.

PERMITS: This is where a homeowner can get free access to permit data from BuildFax. 

DOCUMENTS: Homeowners can store an unlimited number of documents, and have access to any of the documents that you pre-populated for them.

HomeBinder Homeowner Common Questions 

How do I add another property to my account?
    • Reach back out to your loan officer and have them create a binder for you
      • If the binder is setup under the same login email you will have access to both binders under those same login credentials. 

How do I create a Seller Report  see sample
    • Under settings, click on Create Seller Report
    • Select those items you’d like to include by clicking on the “eye” (make visible) icon
    • At the top, check the box to make the report public
    • Share the link with the listing agent, listing page, via email, via social. (it is a public facing link)
    • If you want to edit, go back to settings and click on Edit Seller Report
    • To transfer all the information included in the seller report to a buyer, see below.

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Can the Seller report be transferred to a new buyer? If so, how is this done? 

    • Yes, under Settings you will see a button that says “Transfer Binder.” 
    • There are two ways to transfer…the entire binder (to a family member as an example) or just the information contained in the Seller report (unknown buyer)
    • You will be asked to choose which transfer process you’d like to use. If you wish to only transfer the information from your HomeBinder Seller Report, make sure to select “Transfer a copy of this binder A copy of all the information contained in the Seller's Report will be transferred to the specified individual. Included will also be Property and Structure information. The original binder will remain under your control. You will need both name and email to initiate this process in either way.
How can a homeowner remove a property from their account?
    • If you wish to remove a property from your HomeBinder account please contact
Will HomeBinder only recommend reputable local service providers for my clients?
    • Home professionals on HomeBinder have been added by home inspectors, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and other homeowners
    • The list of home service professionals will first show professionals that were recommended by your professional who created your HomeBinder, and maybe your agent who also can have a list of preferred vendors. 
    • HomeBinder also has a network of Home Service providers that have been added By HomeBinder partners, agents, homeowners across the country. 
    • If you don’t find a professional in the categories above, HomeBinder also has an integration with Thumbtack. This gives you access to their network of over 300,000 
      professionals across the country. These professionals will populate with the best reviewed and most reviewed businesses  first.