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Engaging Your Clients For Life

Lenders Can Convert More Business by Connecting with Homeowners for Life.

Creating a “Client for Life” program requires a paradigm shift – from a transactional focus to building meaningful relationships. And while shifting strategies can be difficult to incorporate, industry professionals that are truly ready to embrace an approach that adds real value for homebuyers, need only follow five simple steps, each of which will be explored further in this E-Book:

1. Home Buying Process – and Beyond!

2. Reimagine the Closing Experience

3. Choose Technology Wisely

4. Home Management Made Easy

5. Maximize the Value of the Home


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Drives Referrals
Co-brand binders with real estate agents to earn more referrals.
Encompass® Friendly
Integrates seamlessly with Encompass® to save you time.
Delivers Added Value
Give today's buyers the gift they would expect to get.

"Celebrity immediately recognized that HomeBinder enables our borrowers to enhance their lives through financial education and literacy, thereby enhancing our ‘client for life’ experience.”

- David Robnett, Chairman and CEO of Celebrity Home Loans LLC

Traditional technology platforms and marketing practices meant to ensure an engaging and rewarding borrower experience, including LOS, POS, and CRM platforms, are becoming increasingly necessary. All signs point to a purchase-heavy and volatile market, creating greater urgency to compete and create relevance for your business.

Consider the following:

  • Market volatility, as refinance rate-locks have declined 27% from March to May 2021
  • Home inventory levels that are down 20% from a year ago
  • The largest home buyer demographic, Millennials need guidance in their homeownership journey
  • Margin compression, as direct-to-consumer lending is becoming more prevalent
  • Corporate investments in rental properties creating greater scarcity
  • Increasing challenges recruiting and retaining top-performing loan originators
  • Increased cost per lead conversion 

Given these factors, mortgage lenders are increasingly focused on:

  • Supporting and educating today’s borrowers throughout the homeownership journey
  • Differentiating their services beyond interest rates
  • Solutions that integrate with current tech stacks and automate post-close engagement and retention
  • Delivering sustainable value with top-performing realtors to increase referral percentage

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Engaging Your Clients For Life E-Book

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At HomeBinder we believe a closing gift should be memorable, actionable, and relevant, turning a single mortgage origination into many.

So we created the most useful closing gift on the market. Our gift with your name, face, and contact info displayed upfront, cannot be lost, stolen, or even purchased on the open market. It only exists when gifted by you, works with no actions needed by you or your borrowers, and stays with the home even after your borrowers have moved. 

Want to know more? Reply now, and we will give you the gift of HomeBinder on your own home, with our name and info - where yours should go - as our thank you for learning more.  

HomeBinder.  Welcome home.

What lenders are saying about HomeBinder...

“Lifetime loyalty campaign for my Millennial borrowers” - Top producer 


“Scalable way to quickly increase share of wallet from my top performing realtors” - Top producer


“Natural way to stay connected even if loan is sold”  - CMO


“Differentiable closing gift to attract and retain my loan originators”   - CEO

     “Great to see such unique content in a market filled with the same old stuff”   - CLO

What are You Doing to Empower Your Loan Officers as They Re-Engage With the Realtor Community?

The market is constantly changing. Being agile makes you a better competitor in the market. After months of lenders overwhelmed by record low interest rates, and realtors barraged by buyers with no inventory, we are seeing a shift from refinance to purchase activity. This means your loan officers are calling on realtors for a “post-COVID” coffee or cocktail…. But what will they have to offer as they work to rekindle these relationships?

HomeBinder offers a game-changing topic of conversation that promises to engage any realtor.

  • The ultimate closing gift for homebuyers
  • Offering unique co-branding opportunities
  • Automatically fosters client referrals and retention
  • Creates meaningful collaboration amongst lenders, realtors, home inspectors, and more
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Improve Sales Conversion and LO Retention with HomeBinder  

As the summer months hit, along with midyear bonuses, it is not uncommon for loan officers to consider a move to the competition. Even if they are not actively looking, recruiters are looking for them. Winning loan officers leverage relationships, referrals, and technology. It becomes extremely important that your overall business strategy includes a perspective that proactively supports the needs and expectations of your loan officers.

Conversion rates average 51% from referrals and 75% from repeat business; optimizing marketing to deliver distinct value to realtors & borrowers should be your #1 priority. HomeBinder provides a unique service, loved by homeowners, realtors and LO’s. Read more by clicking here.

Join Thousands of Other Home Professionals Using HomeBinder!

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What Realtors are Saying...

"My clients love this platform, so glad that my branding is on all of the emails to stay top of their mind."

- Theresa, CO

"I read that only like 10% of clients remember agents names after 2 years, this helps!"

- Susan, MA

"I love that my inspector offers this, my clients even tell me how much they enjoy it. New fav inspector."

- Samantha, TX

With HomeBinder you can pivot from offering a transactional process to delivering a meaningful experience that creates a “Client for Life”. Learn more about how you can use HomeBinder to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive market by clicking here

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Does Your Tech Stack Support Speed to Market?

Positioning to embrace today’s modern innovation not only necessitates your understanding of how to effectively interconnect data and applications into your core systems but working with vendors that offer a like-minded approach to technology. Most companies offer an average of 88 applications per customer, representing what is fast becoming a highly active digital universe.  HomeBinder deploys its revolutionary offering on a robust platform that does not interfere with your technical prowess.  Our functionality supports your clients’ access to applications and platforms by building the connectivity through HomeBinder’s infrastructure and our authorized partner program.  

Learn more by clicking here.


Centralization starts with integration.

By integrating with the premier software providers across the real estate ecosystem, HomeBinder becomes a plug-and-play solution. Whether you build, inspect, manage, buy, sell, finance, or insure the home, HomeBinder is ready to integrate. See our complete list of integrations

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How Do You Leverage the CFPB to Retain Homebuyers?


The Mortgages section of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) website offers answers to a myriad of questions, from what is an escrow account, to what if I can’t pay my mortgage. First-time buyers currently represent nearly a third of the homeownership market. As the market is evolving, so are borrower expectations, necessitating a fresh look at consumer engagement and the resources that are available to help meet current needs. Mortgage servicers, striving to embrace new and changing borrower profiles should learn how educational guidance can help improve lender credibility within respective borrower communities. Learn how here
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Join Thousands of Other Businesses in the HomeBinder Community Evolving Industry Collaboration & Innovation

In an increasingly competitive market, lenders are seeking a meaningful way to differentiate themselves and be top of mind with their clients. It’s the second straight week of drops in mortgage apps. This week down 4%, and refinance actively down for a second straight week. Another telling stat states that the average realtor transactions in 2020 declined from 12 to 10 from 2019, down 20%. As industry volatility remains, now is a perfect opportunity to get the jump on the competition. 

While mortgage industry clients still expect compelling rates and fast cycle times, the most engaged clients tend to be those whose overall borrower experience is memorable. With all the headwinds for lenders, now is the time to differentiate with a platform expected by Millennials. 70% of homeowners expect a home management platform. Why wouldn’t you want the ultimate closing gift that provides a client for life experience? Engage new millennial homebuyers and recapture mind share from past clients and realtors with HomeBinder. Take advantage of this now - Learn more or Book A Demo today! 

“We instantly realized the HomeBinder difference,” said Todd Pierson, President of The Mortgage Firm. “Our partnership will enable The Mortgage Firm to easily deliver HomeBinder’s home management platform without adding any time to our loan officers’ day, and establish a lifetime loyalty campaign for our borrowers,” added Pierson. The Mortgage Firm will automatically provide a HomeBinder to all borrowers as a digital closing gift containing all mortgage closing documentation, helping to enhance the loan experience, improve borrower retention after closing, and increase referrals.

Read more about our partnership with The Mortgage Firm by clicking here.

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