Getting Started

1.  Set Up or Confirm Your Profile

A short set of instructions for setting up your branded account


Log into your profile for the first time and create a password. If the link in your invitation email or your Agent Notification Email (we let you know each time a binder is created for one of your clients) does not work, please contact for assistance.


To add your branding (your photo, company contact info and company logo), navigate to the Settings > Profile tab.

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Click on the Edit button in the upper right of the page. Then click on the Upload a headshot and/or Upload a logo button(s) toward the bottom of the page to update or create your profile branding.


Once you have created/updated your profile you can navigate to the Binders tab and see all the binders on which you are the Agent of Record. You will not be able to see inside these binders since we protect the homeowner's information, but you can see the details about the binder.


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2. Quickly set up your Home Professional recommendations in all of your clients' binders.

This is where you can add in home pros that you would personally recommend. And you don't have to put just one in each industry. For example, you can give homeowners multiple options for a local plumber. All of your recommendations can be edited at any time and will update in all your clients' binders old and new.



3. Order Repair Pricer Using Your Inspection Report

Repair Pricer converts lengthy home inspection reports to easy to read cost estimates to help negotiate a home purchase or prioritize projects after move in.

If you are working with an inspection company that provides Repair Pricer as part of the inspection service, you will receive an opportunity to order through a link or through the inspector's office. Once Repair Pricer has received the inspection report, they will return the Repair Pricer report within 24 hours. They are open 24/7 even during holidays. You can reach them at

If your inspection company does not offer the Repair Pricer report as part of the inspection service, you can order it for $50. You can order it by logging into your Agent profile and clicking on the Options drop-down for the appropriate client.

9-7-2022 8-30-24 PM

Please contact if you need assistance. We are available M-F 8am to 8pm EST.

You can reach Repair Pricer at 24hours a day, 7 days a week - even during holidays.


4.When Your Client is Ready to Sell

The Sellers Report™ this report will have all the maintenance records and any projects done to add value to the home. There is also a public link that can be used in the listing, but even more valuable, it can be given to the Real Estate Appraiser. This report is key in determining “condition” of the home and can impact the appraisal value a great deal. When the home sells for more, the Realtor® earns more!  Here is a case study you can also share with them, about a agent who got 14/14 homes appraised above value, using Seller Report.


Sample Seller Report

 Market your Partnership with HomeBinder


 Marketing HomeBinder on your Website

Resources you can use on your website, to explain your relationship with HomeBinder and the value it provides for your clients.

This PDF contains everything you need to let your clients know you are a HomeBinder Authorized Agent.


HomeBinder for Homeowners:


HomeBinder for Realtors® :



HomeBinder Seller Report for Realtors® :


Sample Seller Report



The Homeowner's Dashboard

What does HomeBinder look like for my clients?

Homeowner Dashboard video

AREAS and STRUCTURES: This is where they can add a living room, free standing garage, kitchen etc. 

MAINTENANCE: Homeowners can see here all of the maintenance tasks you set up for them. They can edit, remove, or add additional tasks. 

PROJECTS: Here is where homeowners can keep track of any projects or renovations. They can even use it to plan or scope out future projects.

HOME PROS: This is where homeowners can save the contact info of the pros that work on their house. This is also where any of your recommended pros, in your template, would populate for them as well.

APPLIANCES: Here is where your clients can put in manufacturer and model #'s for automated appliance recall alerts! They can also store information like where they bought it from, how much it cost, when it was installed, etc. 

PAINTS / FINISHES: This is where homeowners can put in color codes, compositions, manufacturers. They don't have to keep rusty old paint cans any more, that just take up space.

HOME INVENTORY: Where homeowners can inventory everything, for insurance purposes, in case of fire, theft, extreme weather, etc.  

RECEIPTS: One central place where a homeowner can track all their home related receipts for capital expense reporting.

PERMITS: This is where a homeowner can get free access to permit data from BuildFax. 

DOCUMENTS: Homeowners can store an unlimited number of documents, and have access to any of the documents that are pre-populated for them.


HomeBinder Agent Common Questions

What is HomeBinder and why is my branding/information on this product when I didn’t request or purchase this product?

HomeBinder is an online platform designed to help the homeowner protect the value of their home through regular maintenance practices, management of professionals connected to the home, and creation of reports related to the home. You were added as the Agent of Record to the binder via one of our partners - usually the Lender or the Home Inspection company.

How much does HomeBinder cost my client?

HomeBinder is purchased for your client by the HomeBinder partner. There is never a charge for the binder for as long as the homeowner is in the home. HomeBinder will never share or sell your clients’ data.

What if my client does not close on the home or does not want the binder?

The Welcome Email provides a “No Thank You” option so the client can opt out of the binder. No information from the client is stored on the HomeBinder site.

What type of email communication will my clients receive, and can I see a sample?

In addition to the Welcome Email, each HomeBinder partner sets up maintenance reminders (usually 6-8 per year), and we send Recall emails for appliances when applicable. You may log into your Agent Profile, go to Settings, then Branding to send yourself sample copies of the three types of emails that go to clients. 

What if I change from one brokerage to another? Do you charge me to change my profile?

You have access to your Agent profile any time and can make any changes necessary. There is never a charge to use your Agent profile.

HomeBinder Homeowner Common Questions 

How do I get the binder I was promised during my real estate transaction?

How to Accept your HomeBinder & Other Frequently Asked Questions

I have accepted my binder, but when I log into my account nothing happens. What should I do?

  • Turn off the AdBlocker in your browser.
  • Login issues occur if the Pop-Up Blocker thinks it sees an ad during the login process.
  • If you continue to experience an issue with login, contact

How do I change my email or my password in my HomeBinder account?

  • Under settings, click on Profile.
  • Select the item you wish to edit
  • Click Save

How do I share my binder with my co-owner or other trusted individual?

  • Under settings, click on Share Binder
  • Enter the individual's first and last name
  • Enter the individual's email address
  • Choose if the individual will have "Viewer" access or "Co-Owner" access
  • Click the Share button in the upper right corner

How do I add another property to my account?

Reach back out to your loan officer and have them create a binder for you
      • If the binder is setup under the same login email you will have access to both binders under those same login credentials. 

How do I create a Seller Report  see sample

  • Under settings, click on Create Seller Report
  • Select those items you’d like to include by clicking on the “eye” (make visible) icon
  • At the top, check the box to make the report public
  • Share the link with the listing agent, listing page, via email, via social. (it is a public facing link)
  • If you want to edit, go back to settings and click on Edit Seller Report
  • To transfer all the information included in the seller report to a buyer, see below.


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Can the Seller report be transferred to a new buyer? If so, how is this done? 

  • Yes, under Settings you will see a button that says “Transfer Binder.” 
  • There are two ways to transfer…the entire binder (to a family member as an example) or just the information contained in the Seller report (unknown buyer)
  • You will be asked to choose which transfer process you’d like to use. If you wish to only transfer the information from your HomeBinder Seller Report, make sure to select “Transfer a copy of this binder A copy of all the information contained in the Seller's Report will be transferred to the specified individual. Included will also be Property and Structure information. The original binder will remain under your control. You will need both name and email to initiate this process in either way.

How can a homeowner remove a property from their account?

  • If you wish to remove a property from your HomeBinder account please contact

Will HomeBinder only recommend reputable local service providers?

  • Home professionals on HomeBinder have been added by home inspectors, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and other homeowners
  • The list of home service professionals will first show professionals that were recommended by your professional who created your HomeBinder, and maybe your agent who also can have a list of preferred vendors. 
  • HomeBinder also has a network of Home Service providers that have been added By HomeBinder partners, agents, homeowners across the country. 
  • If you don’t find a professional in the categories above, HomeBinder also has an integration with Thumbtack. This gives you access to their network of over 300,000 professionals across the country. These professionals will populate with the best reviewed and most reviewed businesses first.