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Adaptive Home Value by HomeBinder™

Traditional AVM's lack the inclusion of property-specific details that more accurately reflect a home's value. This creates a disconnect for the homeowner between actions they may or may not take on their home and the home's value.

The HomeBinder™ Adaptive Home Value Estimate incorporates the basics of a traditional AVM and includes adjustments for investments made by the homeowner. Now home improvement projects, appliances, and maintenance items create a more accurate representation of the home's value to use during mortgage, refinancing, or home equity conversations, in assistance with a home appraisal and creating a HomeBinder Seller Report™

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Think "Carfax" For The Home
Like CarFax, HomeBinder’s Seller Report enables you to keep track of all the work you have put into your home in order to maximize its value and deliver crucial property information to the next buyer.
Get Credit For Work Done On The Home
Our home management platform that makes maintaining a home’s value actionable and easy.
100% Complimentary & Private For The Homeowner
HomeBinder is only available through Authorized Partners as a complimentary platform to manage your largest asset.

Next Generation Home Valuation

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